Online Dr Reviews Require Some Thought

Up until this day and age the only way to find a good or great doctor was through word of mouth. You had to know someone, or know someone who knows someone, to find the best and the brightest doctors. Fortunately there are now a large number of websites and other resources that have sprung up over the past several years that consolidate a large number of Dr reviews in one place for easy access. These sites provide more than simple critiques but in fact offer a number of resources all gathered in one place. These resources provide not only convenient locations for prospective patients to find comments and criticisms but also places for physicians to have information to be posted about their work.

The Web has been a repository for testimonials about the quality of cars, restaurants, appliances, films, and businesses. More than ever before everyday critics have had the opportunity to make their voices heard and to state their opinions and their experiences. This has created a culture of amateur critics attesting to the quality or lack there of in the real world experience of real world people. These are not consumer reports or paid newspaper critics. These are people with no vested interest either way giving their honest impressions. It is only natural that these things would now be extended to Dr reviews.

Medical professionals and their services have been notoriously hard to qualify in terms of the experience people receive. Beyond word of mouth there have been almost no situations in which there have been honest testaments to the services rendered. With the advent of the Internet this has entirely changed. What was once a closed system of privilege has now become subject to the rules of the information age. In situations where patients receive genuinely shoddy care there is now recourse to share this with the world.

Of course, as with all Internet ratings there is the possibility for misuse. Online commentary provides a medium for anonymous statements like nothing else in the world. It is very easy to say something online that one would never feel comfortable sharing in a venue where it was possible that one's identity would be revealed. This has created a conundrum for physicians who are thankful for the praise they receive from online Dr reviews, but simultaneously fear backlash from dissatisfied patients no matter how small their number may be.

Dr reviews that one finds online can be an indispensable resource for determining whether or not to seek the services of a particular care provider. On the other hand they must, in some regards, be taken with a grain of salt. A good rule of thumb is to base your decision on a majority basis. If there seem to be an inordinate number of positive Dr reviews but then one or two negative ones it is a pretty fair assumption that the doctor is alright. If on the other hand the numbers are flipped and there seem to be nothing but negatives with a few praises tossed in then beware.