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Getting Your Ex Back - When You Don't Know Why Your Boyfriend Broke Up With You

By: Kathryn A. Carter

Your boyfriend has broken up with you and you didn't see it coming. His only excuse is that he just no longer wants to be in a relationship with you or anyone. You are shocked, because you thought the relationship was great. Everything seemed perfect. Nothing has happened that would cause your boyfriend to want to break up with you. What is he not telling me? How could he all of a sudden not want to be with me? These questions and more flood your mind and you just can't understand what went wrong or why.

Forget the questions, you may never know the real reason your boyfriend left, so don't stress about it. He may not even know the reasons himself. Getting him back when you don't know what caused him to leave is still possible but a little more of a challenge. But before you embark on that journey consider the following:

The Good Part of Getting Your Ex Back

When your ex walks back into your life, all is good in the world. Making up after a long separation makes your heart sing. You plan ways to make him happy and keep him satisfied, and hopefully he is also at his best trying to please you and asking you to forgive him for being stupid and breaking up with you. You feel as if the breakup was worth it because now the relationship is stronger and nothing will become between you and your boyfriend again. Well...slow down, read on.

The Bad Part about Getting Your Ex Back

When you don't know why your boyfriend broke up with you, it becomes difficult to know what to do or not do the second time around. The insecurity will eat at you and possibly erode the relationship. Do not allow him to give you a flimsy excuse. "I just needed some space" or "It's not you, it's me". It's critical that you discover why he broke up with you. You still need to have that conversation with your boyfriend and you need answers before going forward. I know you don't want to rock the boat now that you are back together, but in the interest of staying together, you must get answers.

The Ugly Part about Getting Your Ex Back

The bad can turn ugly if you have tried to communicate with your boyfriend about the reasons he broke up with you, but to no avail. Your mind will conjure up the worst possible scenarios.

He broke up with me to justify sleeping with another girl.

He's just not that into me.

He wanted to date someone else.

He doesn't love me.

He doesn't know what he wants.

He is gay and on the down low.

This is why you need answers, so get them. Realize that if he left you before for whatever reason, he can do it again for that same reason. However if you still want to take that journey and get your ex back, there is help available.

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