How To Win My Ex Back For Good - 5 Tips You Must Apply To Have A Chance

So you are sitting there nights thinking to yourself, "How can I win my ex back for good?" This is the situation for many women who have seen a long lasting relationship end with someone who they truly loved. If you really want to win your ex back for good, here are some steps that will help you on your way.

Take Inventory of Your Own Feelings

You need to closely analyze your own feelings first. Do you still really love your ex, or had you just grown comfortable with having him around. Kinda like a comfy old robe that you wear around the house. But merely being comfortable doesn't make for a great and loving relationship. If you can honestly search your heart and say that you do indeed love him, then read further.

How Does He Feel About You

Next you need to honestly examine how he feels about you. If you are convinced that he was very much in love with you and still has feelings for you, then there is a chance. Perhaps your relationship broke down over issues such as lack of communication, lack of attention to one's needs, or some other relational issue that could be resolved. But, be aware, if you do not think he still has feelings for you, winning back your ex will be very difficult.

Work on Being the Woman He Fell in Love With

It is common for both parties in a relationship to become somewhat complacent. They put on their very best front for the earliest parts of dating and courtship, only to lapse into a different person later on. Examine if you may have fallen into that trap. When you first were dating, did you act differently? Did you have a more optimistic or upbeat attitude? Were you more socially active? Perhaps your appearance may have even changed? Get back to being that woman that he fell for in the first place.

Practice Detachment

This step is generally one of the most difficult, but you must practice detachment as a step if you want to win your ex back for good. By this, I mean do not call him, email him, or text him. It may seem counterproductive to you, but if he still has feelings for you, this step will actually make you more desirable to him. This step will also help you to get on with your life somewhat. This also is helpful in getting back to the woman he fell in love with.

Slowly and Steadily Begin to Reach Out

Once you have gone through the aforementioned steps, you can begin to reach out to him. Invite him to non-committal events. If you and a bunch of your friends are heading to a bar the two of you frequent, let him know you will be there and would love it if he and his friends would show. Wear something that is special to him. Perhaps a jacket that he bought or helped you pick out. Just something that would remind him of the happier times you had together. Just take things slowly and don't apply pressure.

Ultimately, the best advice is to just be yourself. He is either going to come back to you on his own or he isn't. You cannot force someone to love you. And if you have to make drastic changes to accommodate him, than he probably is not the one for you in the first place.