How To Select The Right Golf Clubs

By: Matt Leaver

Choosing the right golf clubs to suit your own game is a vital step when taking up golf. Getting this wrong could make the difference between you having an enjoyable golfing experience or one that you want to quickly forget.

Usually you will look to buy your first set of clubs after you have a few lessons with your local golf pro. This will ensure that you have settled into your natural swing and have a good feel for striking the ball. When first selecting your clubs you must first select the price range in which you are willing to deal in, it is recommended for a first set of clubs that you don't spend more than 250. This will allow you to buy a decent starter set that will last you a few years, but it won't end up breaking the bank and proving a costly mistake.

Once you have identified your price range you should go to your local golf shop and simply identify two to three sets of clubs which you want to test drive. Select clubs with different shaft stiffness's so you can get a feel as to what suits your swing best. You may feel that a stiffer shaft produces better results for you than a flexible one. Remember it is a matter of individual taste as every golf swing is unique and will suit different clubs.

The most important step in choosing the right golf clubs is to test drive each club thoroughly. Take them out onto the driving range and hit as many balls as possible. Take a note of how the club fits in your hand and its weight, and whether it feels natural. Have a go on the swing simulator and see if you're fading or drawing your shots slightly. These are subtle indicators as to what is the most suitable club for you.

Once you have a club that really feels right in your hands and your striking the ball well it's time to make the purchase. The time taken over selection will really benefit you in the long run, and hopefully propel your golfing career onto new heights.