How To Win Your Love Back By Having Your Ex Fall In Love With You All Over Again

You've lost your love and you're trying to figure out what you can do to win love back? Getting your ex to fall in love with you again after the love has been lost can be a challenge. Your ex called the relationship off for a reason. Your job now, if you want to win your love back, is to figure out what they were and do something about them.

The most difficult situation to overcome is cheating. If you messed up by fooling around with someone else and getting caught, you'll have to prove to them that you can be trusted. Once the trust within your relationship is breached, it's very hard to repair.

First things first. Ask yourself, do I really want my ex back. Do some introspection to see if you can be trusted this time or will you stray again. You may have cheated because you didn't want your ex 100% before. If this was the situation, how are you sure that you'll continue to want them as the relationship goes forward?

If you are sure that you want your ex back and you're committed to being faithful and loyal, then you need to apologize. This isn't all that you'll need to do in order to win your love back, but it's a necessary first step.

Next you must allow time for your ex to heal from the pain of your cheating. Don't push them to immediately resolve this. These kinds of wounds don't heal overnight. While the healing process is in progress, don't do anything that will give any indication that you can't be trusted. Avoid all appearance of wrongdoing. Definitely don't date any other people. Be humble and let the process run its course.

All girls need a friend. So you can be a good friend to her. Remember the things that she fell in love with. Do those things again. Most likely she still has feelings for you and being a great friend will help cover the infidelity.

Those things work when you've cheated. But cheating isn't the only reason a person dumps another. They may be bored with the relationship because it's become commonplace, routine, and mundane. If this is your situation, you'll have to put some spice back into it.

You were most likely doing things different when you first started dating. Perhaps you took the time to plan your dates, dressed nicely, opened doors, and had little tokens of your love for them. As your relationship has progressed, you probably got sloppy with it and quit doing those things.

If, after giving it some thought, you believe that your ex broke it off with you is because your relationship got boring, try to spice things up a bit. If you get the opportunity to meet up with your ex again as 'friends' do something interesting and exciting. Try something different than your usual. Decide to meet at a wine or dessert bar instead of a bar and grill. Take her to dinner at a fondue restaurant or some other 'interesting' location. Don't just sit around the house doing what you used to do.

If your ex got bored with you, becoming more interesting in your personal life may help you win your love back. You should become a part of an interesting group, take up a hobby like skydiving or culinary arts. You want to do some things in your life that show your ex that you really can be a lot of fun.

The last reason I'm going to mention in this article in reference to why your break up may have occurred is that you were just "into" your ex too much. You didn't leave them any breathing room. They may still like or even love you, but they felt themselves being pushed out of the relationship because there was no room for their individuality.

If this scenario fits your situation, you must give your ex some space. The most counterproductive thing you can do right now is to flood them with texts or emails expressing your undying love and asking for yet another explanation as to what happened to cause the relationship to sour. You will win your love back by backing way off and giving her space. When you do get the chance to see your ex, be cool and calm about it. Treat it like a casual meeting. Definitely don't be needy and emotional.

You already know that there are numerous other reasons, besides the three I mentioned, why your ex could have broken up with you. Your job at this point is to analyze the break up and use this time to make the necessary changes to win your love back.

Continuing to do what you've always done will not help you win your love back. Your old habits need to die hard. You can get back together with your ex, but it will take making some changes on your part. Know this - You can win your love back.