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Handling Feelings In Discount Nursing Scrubs

By: Alice Lane

Nursing is a well-respected profession because day in and day out nurses in discount scrubs take care of the basic needs of patients as well as act as a constant pillar of support for patients and families, both physically and emotionally, in their most difficult times. Nurses routinely experience the loss of patients, patients who are frustrating to deal with, conflict with fellow staff members, and an overall sense of helplessness. This is why nurses are often asked, "How do you do it?" "Don't you get depressed?" How do you handle it when you lose a patient?" "How do you keep your work life separate from your personal life?" If you are a working nurse, then you have probably had to answer these sorts of questions for yourself. But if you are thinking of becoming a nurse, you might like some insight from experienced nurses who have already been through it.

While it is true that nurses become very close to their patients and the patients' families, and support them through difficult times, it is also true that the patients teach nurses about the meaning of strength, hope, and courage. Nurses in Cherokee medical scrubs gain a great deal from their patients. The emotional dimension of nursing can be very hard on young nurses, some of whom find themselves crying in bed at night in the beginning. But like their patients, nurses eventually learn acceptance. Everyone is going to die some day - the only unknown is when and how. Dealing with dying patients is a matter of acknowledging loss and reconstructing lost relationships, working within the environment of a supportive medical team. The staff talks about patients who have died and process the grief together. They continue to follow the family's progress long after the death. They try to understand what lessons the dying patient gave back to them, and how they can use the knowledge to better care for other patients. This means investing experiences with purpose and meaning, so in the end you have a gain, not merely a loss.

Nurses in discount nursing scrubs have stressful jobs, so it is necessary to manage the stress by trying to find balance. Even when a negative interaction with a patient or colleague puts a pall over the entire shift, nurses also witness small miracles, and see lots of positive outcomes as well. It's necessary to focus on the positive and upbeat when things get tough. Being empathetic is not really difficult, but it does require communication skills, since empathy without communication is just mind reading. This means making eye contact and listening to the patients, allowing them to express what they are feeling. It means not being judgmental, but reflecting back what the patients are saying so that they can clarify their thinking. Above all, don't say "I know how you feel" because you don't. You should provide education, but not give advice. Acknowledge the patients' right to feel as they do (which is the essential step in showing that you are trying to understand). Finally, no matter what your situation, nurture yourself and ask others for help when you need it.

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