How To Take Ap Us History Notes

By: Andrew Hensel

While it may seem like a pain to take AP US History notes, having materials to review with when it comes time to study for a unit test or the AP Exam can make your life a whole lot easier. Let's look at a few key strategies that can help you take good AP US History notes.

1. Make outlines of key topics, with important sub points for each. Structuring your notes around these broad themes (like "populism," for example), makes it easier to put everything together mentally when it comes time to review for the test. Instead of having a dozen random little facts, AP US history notes that are organized by topic make it much easier to order the information in your head.

2. Remember to take note of important dates, people, and in some cases, locations. As with most AP classes, AP US history revolves around a series of important "buzz words" which you will be expected to recognize and understand. "War Hawks," "Stamp Act" and "Yellow Journalism" are all examples of these important phrases. If you know the key words you shouldn't have much trouble taking multiple choice tests (at least on the AP US History Exam).

3. Take notes consistently, not erratically. Taking notes is a great habit to get in to, so don't let yourself only take notes a few days of the week. A good set of AP US history notes is great, but you don't want to have notes that cover every third topic, or leave gaping holes in the middle of US History! To recap, organize your notes by topic, write down key words and their definitions, take notes consistently, and prepare for success!