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Staying Calm During The Ap Us History Exam

By: Andrew Hensel

Most of your grade on the AP US History exam is determined before the actual exam takes place. All of the studying and review you do more or less establishes what grade you will get, except for one thing. Nerves. Here's a quick guide to staying cool in the middle of the AP US History exam.

First, remember that everyone else in the room is going through exactly the same thing. You're by no means the least prepared, which means you have an advantage. Stick to your guns, take a steadying breath and start answering the next question.

Next, remember that the APUSH (AP US History) Exam isn't like regular tests that you take in school. For one thing, think about the grading system. 1-2 on the AP Exam is a failing grade, but getting a 3 is like a B? How did that little jump happen? Even if you only get 60% of the total points possible on the AP US History exam, you'll still get around a 3 or 4. And that's not half bad for what would be just about a failing grade in regular school.

Also, remember that you've been studying for this test, whether you knew it or not, all year. You probably took an entire class devoted to teaching you the material on this test. C'mon, you had to learn something during all of that time, right? Don't be afraid to close your eyes and take a deep breath during the test. Getting calm will help you do better overall, so just relax and remember that the exam doesn't go on your transcript. Colleges won't see it. It's still important, but the more you can convince yourself during the exam that it doesn't matter, the better you'll be.

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