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Combat Winter Months With A Car Cover

By: Basya Katz

Winter weather can be really very harmful to cars. Cars are designed to be driven. Unfortunately they do not come equipped with the necessary tools to make sure that they can withstand the cold, wet weather, and still remain good. Nature's harsh elements take their toll on car, and you, the car owner will be left to suffer.

When the skies open, and rain comes down, the car is exposed to high levels of acid in the rain. These acids literally eat away the car's paintwork. Your car's exterior will become very patchy, and horrible, with paint peeling all over the place. As well, the rain leaves unsightly watermarks, and over time causes the frame to rust and mould.

Snow is even worse. It also leaves watermarks, eats the paintwork etc, but in addition to all of that, the car freezes over. Snow leaves the car and all it's components frozen, including the brakes, so that not only is it a complete pain-in-the-neck, but also exceedingly dangerous. When brakes are frozen they cannot work effectively enough, and could cause hazardous, erratic driving.

Your car is not even safe when it is 'just' windy. When the wind blows, any sort of rubbish and rubble that has been left lying in the street get swept along with it. This means that suddenly, sticks and stones are being propelled through the air against their wind. As the whip around, they accidentally end up knocking and scratching cars. Although these nicks and dings are somewhat small, they are there. The impression is on the car, and you are left with the damage.

However these are even considered problems when a car is covered with a cover. Waterproof car covers mean that the rain, sleet and snow just run off the sides of the car, leaving the car bone dry. Not a speck will be able to make it's way through. Simultaneously, the cover is breathable. Air and moisture are allowed out, away from the car, so that it can breathe and sweat without getting steamed up and, or mouldy.

The car cover will also be able to shield and cushion your car from getting knocked about. The shock of the impact is very often absorbed by the cover, and no impression is made on the car itself. The car remains scratch and dent free.

By nature, when a car covered, natural nuisances, such as birds muck, dust etc, do not present themselves as problems either. Their stains land on the cover, not on the car itself, and this will save you a lot of time and aggravation. Usually the satins take extensive cleaning until they are fully removed, and give you a lot of headache meanwhile.

A car cover is a cost effective way of keeping your car clean, and in mint condition. Covers are fairly inexpensive, and they pay off. They save you spending hundreds of dollars, that would have otherwise been spent on cleaning and repairs. Now all you have to do is roll back the cover, and reveal the shiny, spotlessly clean car beneath.

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