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Innovation - How To Strengthen Your Mind

By: Crisologo Ramasasa

Your mind is the center of all your decision making process. It's the place where everything you would start always jibes what your mind dictates. If your mind is weak, your decision is weak and become inferior, on the other hand if your mind is strong, your decision making process is noteworthy.

It's essential that you should put your mind in an always active fashion to create you a more realistic and worthy decision that would end up to a greater accomplishment.

Psychologist have suggested some ways where you can improve your mind to make you innovate something worthwhile through your resourcefulness and creativity.

Ways to strengthen your mind

Tune up your brain

The word "mind" came from the Anglo-Saxon word that means "to pay attention to". As a human being, you can choose which one you want to pay attention. You have to power to select what avenue your mind can be taught in such a way that it becomes active. You view the situation based on the set of ideas your mind collects and put them into an actionable condition that would you more than an action man.

"Focusing your concentration", is the skill you need to prepare your mind to be ready. Essentially, in all of your exploration of this area of innovation and growth you have found only one pattern of mental training that works. While it takes many forms, the primary technique is to take time to attempt a simplification of your thinking.

Focus your thoughts on something simple and noteworthy

Direct your thoughts to some simple visual stimuli like spots on the wall paper, electric outlet, doorknob, and others. Even the sound of the roaring waves kissing the shore in the beach, the sound of a running water, the street traffic, etc. all of these encapsulates your mind's stagnant behavior to awaken to active mode.

Another ways to strengthen your mind, is to read some repetitive phrases, like prayers or simply reading interesting poems and verses. When you're not in the mode to think something worthwhile, do some simple physical sensation such as your feet touching the floor barefooted or walking barefooted in the sand. Some used to do nose breathing and nose exiting.

Whenever you notice your mind wandering from the focus, bring yourself back to the focus. Don't beat yourself up for your mind wondering, but rather bring yourself back to the previous mode you have. Mental discipline should always prevail at all times.

Strive to learn new things everyday

Your brain is a muscle and it need exercise. Try starting out learning one thing a day. It can be anything. Reading books is also a great way to learn new things and strength your brain's comprehension skills. You can read anything really through from books, newspapers, articles online, TV, and all forms of outlets where you can get new information just to refresh your brain.

A strong mind is healthy and could easily create something beneficial and may lead to a new innovation.

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