Waterproofing Basements

Amazingly 60% of homes have a leak in their foundation and require waterproofing. Wet or leaking basements are one of the most common complaints of homeowners. Most homes develop basement leaks within 10 to 15 years.

If you have a damp basement, musty odours or minor leaks you should have a professional do your foundation repair, before it gets worse and much more costly.

A professional will find where the leaks are, determine your options and find any other weak spots that can be tended to before they become a problem.

Even if you don't have a leaky basement there are things you should do to prevent future leaks.

Rainwater is a major cause of leaks; here are some things you can do to help protect your foundation from the erosion caused by rainwater.

  • Check your rain gutters each spring for damage from heavy snow and repair any damage right away.
  • Clean your rain gutters each fall of leaves and debris.
  • Downspouts should take roof water run-off a minimum of 4 feet away from the foundation, but 10 feet is best. Add extensions to your downspouts if needed and install splash blocks.
  • To keep rainwater from pooling around your foundation the soil should slope away from it at a rate of 1 inch per foot. Over the years the ground settles and often a truckload of soil is needed to re-grade.
  • Sometimes window wells don't drain very well, you can install window well covers or install drain pipes to keep the draining water away from the foundation.
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