All About Masonry

Masonry walls are normally used in constructing homes, high-rises, boundaries, and many such structures in Chicago. This constitutes of blocking materials for erecting walls. However, in the course of construction or after it, small cracks may appear on the walls. Cracks may also appear due to seasonal weather changes or with time. Whatever may be the reason; these need to be immediately repaired for lengthening the strength of the building.

Whenever a homeowner locates such cracks or more commonly known as crazing on the building structure, he should immediately seek help of a reliable contractor for doing the masonry work. A professional, experienced mason takes into consideration the basic types of structure, when repairing cracks on the wall. Walls can be of several types like a non load bearing or load bearing. If the building is a load bearing one, level of cracking needs to be accessed. Checking is done from the floor level to the roof ring beam. He also ensures whether all the stones on the fault line are identified. In case of non load bearing, assessment and corrections are done superficially. There are three most popular masonry choices, which are as follows-

* Bricks: These are made of fired clay and are available in a wide variety of colors. These are the most durable building material and usually last for hundreds of years. These also cannot be eaten by termites and are fire resistant. Though the exterior finish costs a bit high, but many homeowners prefer this material for its sturdiness.

* Manufactured brick and stone: This is mostly preferred by homeowners in Chicago for the cheaper price. These are basically concrete manufactured cultured stones or veneer. These are available in a wide variety of colors and look very realistic. However, these are not waterproof like brick ones.

* Stone: This is an antique form of masonry and lasts a lifetime. However, not all stones are ideal for masonry work. So, a mason applies old school techniques for installing these. However, one needs to keep in mind that water is the worst enemy of stones and causes cracks frequently. If a homeowner observes dark patches on the stone wall of the building, it means that water has soaked into the surface. This needs immediate fixing to avoid future problems.

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