How To Organize Church Capital Campaigns

Church capital campaigns are a form of fundraising used to raise money to be spent on equipment, buildings, and vehicles. The concepts that underpin capital campaigns are somewhat different than that used for ongoing operations. If you are interested in organizing a series of events to help generate income for your local church or related body, the following tips and steps should allow you to see success.

At the initial stage you should decide who will be in charge of the fundraisers, and what roles various people would play. Only if the members of your group are clear on their responsibilities, would a capital campaign be a success.

Once you have determined who has what role, the next step would be to identify what your organization requires in terms of capital, and why. There must be consensus between all the members of the organization as to how prospective funds should be used.

For any fundraising plans to be successful, there would be a requirement to identify and agree on needs. Be clear on exactly how much money needs to be raised, taking into consideration the cost of administrating and planning a capital campaign. Don't forget to also include money for unknown contingencies.

When soliciting for donations, it is of great value to have a case statement. This is a document that is extremely beneficial when approaching members of the public and private companies for donations. The statement needs to set out a clear and realistic set of goals, and also details of how the funds are to be spent, and who is in charge of the overall campaign. Without a well written statement it is unlikely that positive results will be seen.

It can be of great help to recruit campaign chairs. These are usually people who are respected in your local community and also known far and wide. Such individuals will not normally manage the campaigns, they will instead use their personal connections and influence to help raise funds.

It is extremely useful to put together a comprehensive plan and time-line for a church capital campaign. All members of the fundraising team should have an input into the work plan. Agreement should be made as to who will directly manage the campaign. The plan should also contain information on every task that needs to be completed and by who. A system needs to be in place to record all the donations that are given. It can be worthwhile making a gift table so that you can easily keep track on donations and targets.

Try and organize weekly meeting were the progress of the fundraising can be discussed. Do not be afraid to change strategies that are not having the desired results. A weekly meeting allows members of the organization to brainstorm concepts and bring about new ideas.