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I Don't Want A Sore Heel!

By: Edwin Colon

Do you always say "ouch" when you walk after waking up? Do you frequently push your heels with your thumb to reduce the pain? Do you often just want to sit as you cannot stand for your feet hurt? Then you must be a victim of certain feet ailments. A sore heel is probably experienced by almost everyone around the globe. Studies show that every mile gives 60 tons of stress on each foot. Imagine 120 tons of stress being injected in our feet. Even if our feet, especially the heel bone, is designed to support most of the body weight, you must also consider giving it a break as too much stress will definitely contribute for you to have a sore heel.

On the contrary, a sore heel is not hard to cure but people take them for granted. Some often ignore the first signs of heel pains. Continuous use of sore heels will only make it worst and might even lead to surgery. There are two conditions that can cause heel pain, which one has to be aware of to know the right remedy. One condition is the pain beneath the heel. It is mostly due to heel spurs, plantar fasciitis or even stone bruises. Heel spurs and plantar fasciitis are often being related but are actually different. Plantar fasciitis is an inflammatory of the plantar fascia, a broad band of tissue under the foot connecting the heel to the toes. Heel spurs are caused by an abnormal growth of the heel bone. Moreover, a simple step on a hard rock can cause stone bruises. Another condition is the pain you feel behind the feet. A bump on the back of the heel may also develop. Extreme pain should be consulted to the doctor for immediate actions as you might develop other related diseases, such as bone spur. Moreover, being overweight can contribute to having such discomforts since your heel bone mostly supports the body weight. Shoes that are not perfectly fit can cause damage or can give heel pains. These are simple causes if you think about it, but ignoring it can cause more problems.

To avoid such pains, a little help from you can avoid expensive treatments. Regularly give your feet a rest. Everything in this world deserves to have a rest. Relaxing your feet for a while will help the tissues to settle down. Also, treat your feet to a massage as this can help your feet to be relaxed. Moreover, placing an iced packed in a plastic bag or towel can reduced having a sore heel. Doctors say to avoid commercial ice packs as these are too cold for the inflamed areas. Having shoe inserts are also recommended to give extra comfort to your feet. Doctors recommend having 3/8 inches or 1/2 inches of heel insert. Stretching your tendons is also advised by experts.

It will take few minutes of your time to avoid having heel pains. Do these recommendations to have happy feet.

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