Become A Good Shot Blocker In Basketball

By: Gilbert J Bozigian

Being able to block a basketball shot means that the player going against you will have to think twice or rethink their plan to try to shoot over you. Being able to block a shot well offers your team to turn the ball around and score. You do not need to be tall or have long arms in order to be able to block shots. There are different techniques that you can utilize and it will make players have to think twice before thinking of shooting next to you.

Shot blocking is a great way to equalize in basketball just like rebounding. It is important to have your defense run tight into the player with the ball. When this occurs, the opposing player will have trouble from your defense and be forced to pass or shoot. If the players decides to shoot while being heavily guarded, most likely, they will not be able to reach their full vertical jump and that is the perfect opportunity and just asking for a blocked shot to happen. This is the strategy or event that you need to watch, and if you see this happening then prepare to block the ball. Now if you are talking about blocking shots in man-to-man defense then it helps if you are tall and have long arms, or you are just simply able to jump higher then your opponent.

Blocking shots is about jumping ability, coordination, and timing. Obviously if the player is able to dribble the ball well and go for a shot while being free from defense, their is still a chance for you to pop out of nowhere and go for the block. Here is some tips that can help you become a better blocker in basketball.

1. Read and observe the opposing players tactics and how his stance is when he shoots a basketball.

2. When you have learned how the player shoots, play defense and anticipate his shots.

3. Some players may try to pull a fake and some defensive players will fall victim to it and the player will be able to shoot. When the player is getting ready for the shot and his legs reach off the floor then that is your chance to strike and block the shot.

Here is a small drill that you can practice alone and it may help you prepare for blocking a shot. With the ball, toss the ball to the backboard and when it deflects back to you. Tap it with your fingertips; this is the same motion as you would use if you were to try to block. If you bounce the ball hard enough to the backboard, then it will deflect higher and it means that you will have to jump higher to try to tip the ball with your fingers. Please note that it is really beneficial if you are able to jump higher because it makes it easier for you to prepare to try to block a shot.