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There Is An Abundance Of Travel Nurse Jobs

By: Adriana N.

When it comes to a profession that is no danger of being overstaffed, it is the medical profession. There is much more to medicine, however, than just doctors and nurses are already experiencing a shortage which is looking to increase in states all over the country. Unlike doctors, nursing students are not in school for as long of a period of time and, as such, can be out in the job market at much earlier ages. Young nurses have an opportunity to travel and experience new places by taking travel nurse jobs.

These are also openings for nurse practitioner jobs as well, with the only distinction between a practitioner and a traditional nurse being two additional years of training in a specific specialty. On top of travel there are large monetary incentives to going the travel route.

Many areas will offer lucrative signing bonuses for those who are willing to relocate for a period of time. A nurse that travels will gain experience that simply could not be had staying in one location. There is also the opportunity for outreach in communities that would traditionally be understaffed.

It is already commonplace for nurses to create stronger bonds with their patients because of the amount of time they are able to spend and that allows them to get a handle on diseases and behaviors that many physicians cannot. Traveling from urban centers with a variety of injuries and into rural areas that require a more family physician relationship can create nurses that have versatility in their later careers.

Getting into a travel position does take planning and foresight as there is the caveat of licensing. Each state requires a nurse to be licensed in that particular state. Now this can vary and testing can either be completed in day or two, but can take up to ten weeks depending on the area. All testing fees will be reimbursed by the travel agency a nurse is signed with.

The length of time spent at a location is also variable and up to the discretion of the employee. Typical time spans are anywhere from four to twenty six weeks and, if a job is going particularly well, can be extended to one year.

Seeing different parts of country and exposing yourself to a variety of patients is an exciting part of the job, but many people see the opportunity for high pay as the biggest incentive. Part of this is because of the amount of student loans that many nurses graduate with.

It is not easy to pay down thousands of dollars, but with a travel job, nurses can cut the payback time in half so that they can start to enjoy their salaries. The high rate of pay is also due to the irregularity of hours.

Being a travel nurse means that you are willing to take on shifts that the staff would not normally take, but this does not mean that the work will not be steady, only that you may have to cover some longer shifts. No matter the reasons, being able to travel on the job is nothing but a benefit.

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