Get Relationship Back On Track With These 4 Eye-Openers

What you do after the break up matters! Relationships on the verge of permanently falling apart can still be saved, but only few are successful. That's because unfavorable moves and mistakes are done on days following the big breakup. Heartbroken people are so weighed down by what happened that they tend to do things that only make the situation worse. Hence, a room for reconciliation is next to impossible.

In actual fact, you're probably doing the same thing. You might have broken up with your ex and is making the critical moves and mistakes. If so, here are some tips on getting back with your ex. This could be an eye-opener to finally get your relationship back:

  1. Assess the entire situation at the outset - If you've just broken up with your ex, remember not to say anything that comes to your mind without assessing and thinking things over. Yes, you may be very emotional at this point, but the things you will say and do might cause further damages to the "already worse situation". So it is best to just keep your cool, don't let your emotions win over your actions, and take time to assess what went wrong between the two of you.
  2. Keep mum for a while until it's finally the right time to talk - Being tight-lipped about the situation may have different connotations. But believe it or not, this is one of the best things that you can do to slowly get your relationship back. How? Being quiet for quite some time would give the both of you enough space to reflect and consider things that matters the most. When you do the opposite and continue to nudge your ex, you're only pushing him away. But when you keep your silence for a time, there'll be greater chances of pulling him in.
  3. Remember not to make major decisions that will only worsen the situation - If the silence makes you crazy, keep in mind that it's only temporary. To get your relationship back, never make major decisions of completely erasing your ex in your life just because you're keeping your silence and you feel that nothing's happening. Just relax, compose yourself, and try to improve what you feel is lacking in you. If you've broken up because you're too controlling or too sensitive, look for ways to alter and better this attitude, so you can come back to your ex self-assuredly.
  4. Keep in touch with your ex little by little - It's more of like asking your ex how he/she have been. Doing this would open doors for the both of you to talk. Since you've already given each other enough space to assess, reflect and consider things that happened, it's now easier to be in contact with each other without looking so eager and keyed up to get back in the relationship.

If you adhere to these tips on getting back with your ex little by little, it's not impossible to get back and start over again.