How To Lower Cholesterol Quickly

Nowadays, diet is one of the greatest problems for a number of individuals. In the age of fast food diet and fatty foods, there are a number of individuals suffering from obesity and different heart diseases. If you've just had a CBC to find out the real condition of your body, and you've been prompted by your doctor that your cholesterol levels should be within the limit of 140-199 mg/dL then you'll want to learn how to lower your cholesterol quickly and safely. In order to get a level that is within 140-199 mg/dL, you will need to change a number of things in your life. A lower cholesterol level could be attainable if you changed the things that you eat and the way you live.

It is important to know that there are two types of cholesterol. LDL or the low density lipoprotein is the type of cholesterol known as the "bad cholesterol", while HDL is the "good cholesterol". What you want to avoid is bad cholesterol, and you could do so by eating the right types of food and practicing regular exercises daily.

For your diet, there are lists of food that you could include in your meal plans in order to lower cholesterol levels and in order to meet caloric demands. Though fried foods like fried chicken could be bad for your health because of how it was cooked, lean meat from chicken or fish is good for your body. The only thing that you will need to remember when you are cooking lean meat is that you could make use of healthier oils or you if you really want it fried. Another food group that you could include in your meal plans is the foods categorized under fiber rich foods. It would be beneficial not only to your cholesterol levels if you are going to take vegetables and fruits. It will also work great on your bowel movement which could prevent constipation, colon cancer and many other diseases.

Besides diet, it is also important to exercise within limits. Though you don't have to lift 10 pieces of 45lb plates on a bench press machine, you will be required to do at least 30 minute exercises a day in order to keep your cholesterol levels down.

For cholesterol levels to drop within the normal limits, it is important that to make the necessary changes in both diet and lifestyle. These two things can give you a great number of benefits including freedom from the costs of cholesterol lowering medications and most importantly cardiovascular conditions.

Try to find out as much as you can about cholesterol because just knowing how to lower cholesterol quickly and safely could literally help to save your life. I know there's a lot of information and I know that a lot of it is out of date.