Should Things Go Wrong

If you did your homework in selecting the right fabricator to install your granite or marble countertop, you need not to worry about faulty installation or poor workmanship. But even the best have their off days. The important thing to know now is, what do you do when things go wrong? Here are some tips when dealing with your granite or marble slab fabricator should you have a complaint.

First, review the service contract. One should have been provided and signed by both parties before the installation took place. The service contract outlines your rights and the responsibilities of the fabricator on the project. There should also be warranty information included with the contract. Be fair and honest when reading the contract. If your complaint is outside what is agreed upon in the service contract, unfortunately you would have to shell out extra for any repair.

Talk with the fabricator. If there are any gray areas in the contract or warranty, you should clarify it with the granite or marble fabricator. More often than not, they would be accommodating to questions and complaints since it's their reputation on the line. Be sure to work with them and not against them; make your case but don't come out as antagonistic.

Do some research. Check online for any similar case. It is possible that marble slab was defective or that you've both been had by the supplier of the granite or marble slabs. Unfortunately, deception does exist in the natural stone industry.

If you know you have a case, take it to the authorities. Licensed business owners wouldn't want to have to deal with the law as much as possible. Most will negotiate with you and come up with an agreement. But should they not, then you should seek the help of your local government. One good place to go is the local Better Business Bureau and file a complaint. Just remember to be calm and honest when making your claim or complaint.

Though this is the extreme, for example if the issue entailed injuries or extensive property damage, you can ask for a lawyer's help and file a case. Again this is the extreme scenario.

These are the things you should do when things go wrong with your granite or marble countertop installation. If things fall apart, there are several options for you to correct things and get the natural stone countertop that you rightfully deserve.