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1968 Mustang High Country Special And California Special

By: Robert A Hunt

In 1968 there were 4,118 California and High Country Specials built. Of these models produced, 3,867 were the California Special and 251 were the High Country additions.

Being from Colorado I guess it is only natural that I have a keen interest in the Mustang High Country Special. The Mustang High Country Special was very much like the California Special. The only difference between the two is the side scoop. Instead of the GT/CS on California Special it had a shield style decal the read "High Country Special '68" with a running horse. The decal was in two shades of blue with gold lettering. Of course it also had a 51 District Code "DSO" number because all of the cars were delivered to dealers in the Denver District. The High Country and California Specials were only available as hardtops in 1968, no Convertibles or Fastbacks were produced.

There were many differences from the standard Mustang though. You would think that the differences would be performance related though, if you think that, you would be wrong. Even the Mustang California Special and High Country Special came standard with the 6 cylinder engine. Although, all the same performance upgrades were available just like in the standard Mustang. The fact is that most modifications for the "Special" were purely styling.

The Mustang "Special" features were a blacked out grill, with no running horse and corral, Lucas fog lamps, some early models had Marchal fog lamps, Non functional fiberglass side scoops, fiberglass rear deck lid with a spoiler molded into it, which by the way was just like the one used on the Shelbys in 1968, fiberglass rear panel with the same long rectangular tail lights, Side stripes that extended down the side of the car from the front fender to the back of the side scoop, desk lid stripes that followed the edge of the rear spoiler from just above the bumper clear around to the bumper on the other side and it had twist type hood locks and the optional louvered hood. Of interesting note the Mustang California Special had script emblem just above the reflector on the rear quarter the 1968 High country special did not have the emblem.

Even to this day this Mustang is a widely sought after model. Due to is styling upgrades and aggressive appearance. If you were wise enough at the time to order your car with one of the very desirable high horsepower V-8's and the available suspension upgrades, you may already know you have a very collectible car on your hands

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