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Public Liability Insurance To Stay Protected In Any Misfortune

By: Harjiv Singh Chugh

These days, it has become a necessity for all business owners to opt for insurance coverage which acts as a safeguard to protect their business in the event of any mishaps. The significance of Public liability insurance cannot be defined in mere words. This kind of insurance is one of the most common auxiliary of such cover, which serves as a lifeline for all individuals or businesses in case some misfortune happenings occur with the general public.

Is it essential for all business to have such insurance?

This type of insurance is most suitable for individuals or companies working with the general public, or when there are many clients and public paying visit to the business premises. To have such liability insurance coverage would ensure that business owners or the company would be protected in the event of an accident that may occur to any member of the general public at the workplace or business premises. Moreover, this kind of insurance also provides coverage for any accidents which result in damages or injury to the general public at the business property. Though, it is not mandatory, such insurance policy is highly recommended for any business owner who is carrying out business operations with the public.

Such cover includes the cost of all legal fees, which may result due to any claims made by general public. Individuals need to keep in mind that such liability insurance covers only those claims made by public and not those claimed by the employees of their company. In such cases, it is employer's liability insurance that comes into foreplay.

What exactly does this cover?

This kind of liability insurance provides coverage for individuals or company when there is any unfortunate event such as accidents on the business premises. With such liability coverage all the expenses incurred on medical and hospitalization of the injured person or cost incurred to repair the damages caused to any assets or property would be reimbursed by the insurance company. Such liability insurance would also ensure that any injured person would be covered if any member of the general public claimed against the company.

For those having small business, having a liability insurance policy providing coverage amount of around 1 million dollars will suffice. If there is higher risk, and if any accidents actually happen and several claims have been made against the business owner or company, then the costs can mount higher.

The most significant aspect of this is that it is not directly reflected on the amount of premiums being paid. It is not possible to refer a premium cost as it will vary considerably from one business to another. To cut it short, such liability insurance is a must have for all individuals and businesses if they have contact with general public.

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