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Discover The Number Of Ways To Prepare For The Sat And Improve Scores

By: Adriana N

Not every student will take the SAT, which in the past was known as Scholastic Aptitude test and Scholastic Assessment Test. Those who want to get into a four year university will take the standardized test for college admissions. There are a number of ways to prepare for SAT that will help increase your score.

There are three ways to get ready to take the SAT. Some techniques work better for some than others. The right method for each individual will depend on what type of a learner they are. There are a number of practice tests available to help the student prepare, or for those who learn better in a classroom setting there are prep classes. Last, students who do better with one to one attention will benefit from tutoring.

It is a good idea for anyone to take a practice test to get an idea of where they stand. There are several books available in your local library that you can use to study and have practice tests. Additionally, there are free practice tests that can be found and taken online.

The practice tests will cover the four sections covered on the SAT which are math, writing, critical reading, and vocabulary. The math section will cover problem solving, writing will concentrate on grammar and offer advice on writing an SAT essay. The critical reading section focuses on sentence completion and reading comprehension, and the section on vocabulary will provide about a one thousand word list.

Even if you do well on the first practice test it is a good idea to take a few tests to help you feel comfortable with the format of the test. This will help anyone with even the slightest apprehension or test anxiety to be emotionally prepared on exam day. This method is also the least expensive of the three.

For students who did not do well on the practice test and do not really do well on standardized testing in general, there are prep classes to help prepare them. Classes that groom the student for the SAT will also help those who experience test anxiety. These classes will assign homework and give a number of practice tests. Although there are several courses that can be taken online, traditional classroom settings seem to prepare students better.

Finally, if neither of the other two methods work well for the student, consider individual tutoring. This method is more personal and provides one on one attention which many people find more beneficial. Also, when the student has to be accountable to an instructor face to face, they may be more inclined to spend the time preparing for the exam. A tutor is able to customize sessions to focus on weaknesses and give immediate feedback to the student.

No matter how confident the student is, taking time to prepare for SAT will improve his or her score. Examining what type of a learner the student is will help determine the right preparation strategy that will work best. If one method does not seem to be working well there is nothing wrong with trying one or both of the other two.

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