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What Is The Ias Exam Pattern?

By: Ramesh Mehra

The Civil Services IAS exam is held by UPSC every year. The IAS exam pattern comprises three stages: the Prelims stage, Mains examination, and Personality interview. Each of the three levels in the IAS exam pattern happen to be carried out by Union Public Service Comission.

Initial Phase in IAS Exam Pattern

The Preliminary or simply CSAT is the 1st level within the three level civil services exam. It's usually conducted around second or possibly third Sunday each May in which around one and a half lac IAS hopefuls turn up for the civil services Preliminary. The Prelims comprises of a couple of papers of two hundred scores equally common to all prospects. Questions about Indian constitutional set up, current affairs, GK, History, Geography, General Science, and Financial system are typically expected during the first paper of civil services Prelims. While the 2nd paper comprises of queries about mental ability, comprehension, logical analysis, English passage, statistics, and decision making potential. End result of Prelims are announced during the 2nd week of August and just candidate who get past the Preliminary can show up in the 2nd level of the IAS Exam pattern.

2nd Phase in IAS Exam Pattern

The second level is referred to as the Mains exam and comprises 2000 score. It must be remembered that this IAS Preliminary is merely of qualifying nature additionally, the marks won't be taken into account when considering the final merit list. Civil service contenders have to pick out two optional papers for the purpose of the civil services Mains, whilst GS and Essay are common to all aspirants. English, in addition to one Indian language paper are compulsory however solely of qualifying nature and scores are never revealed nor measured for the purpose of merit determination.

Third Level in IAS Exam Pattern

The third stage is considered the Interview phase conducted by a panel of specialists within the Union Public Service Comission hq located at Shahjahan Road, New Delhi. Just those candidates who manage to qualify the civil services Mains are eligible for the civil service interview. Usually 2.5 times the total seats in a particular year are called for this civil services interview assessment which usually commences around the last week of March and consequently carries on right till the 1st week of May. The interview is led by a UPSC member and other panel members tend to be primarily invited to conduct the interview and subject experts or even noted bureaucrats or technocrats. The IAS interview normally takes 20 mins even though many IAS candidates have faced 5 minute interviews also.

The final outcome in this three level IAS exam pattern is declared some days before the Preliminary examination in May consequently pulling to a close an entire pattern of your IAS exam spanning 12 months.

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