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Pass The Nystce And Get Your Teaching Certification

By: Ted Perry

If you want to be a teacher in New York, then you have to sit for the NYSTCE or New York State Teacher Certification Examinations and pass it. Only then will you receive your state certification to teach. Among the aspects tested are your knowledge and skills on the subjects that you aim to teach, and other correlative performances such as problem solving.

Getting Started on your NYSTCE

The NYSTCE is designed mainly based on textbook materials following learning standards and curriculum in New York. The NYSTCE may also create a chance to get a school leadership certificate, teaching assistant certificate or New York State educator certificate.

Starting your NYSTCE preparation early is very useful so it's a good idea to first check out the NYSTCE website at On this site you can find out about the processes during registration and testing as well as rules and regulations. You can also get the NYSTCE form and samples of exam test prep materials. If you want to look for free sample questions, you can find them on NYSTCE online forums and discussion pages.

The Importance of your Study Materials

One very important element of your NYSTCE preparation is study material. Study materials include NYSTCE preparation guides, sample questions and so on. Because there are many kinds of NYSTCE tests, there are just as many kinds of NYSTCE preparation guides. The topics included in the NYSTCE are science, liberal arts, teaching skills and other aspects. The NYSTCE ATS-W test has multiple choice questions and written assignments depending whether you pick the elementary or secondary level.

Two examples of the tests you may take are the Bilingual Assessment and The Teacher Certification. If you are confused and can't decide which exam to take, remember that you can ask your professor, coach or mentor for advice.

Test Day Tips

Okay, so now you've completed your NYSTCE preparation and the exam day is here. Remember to arrive at the designated test area early so you can relax and prepare mentally before the exam. Understand and follow the instructions given. Ask the test administrator if you don't understand something. In the exam, manage your time well. The exam timetable is designed to give you enough time, so pace yourself wisely. Read through the questions in detail and make use of your critical and analytical thinking to answer them. If you find a question where you're not sure of the answer, eliminate the improbable answers so you can decide on your final one. Have a clear mind and make sure you carefully analyze what the meaning of the question is before answering. Finally, check and double-check your answers if you have any remaining time so you can correct any mistakes.

Now that you have these tips with you, I'm sure you'll pass your NYSTCE. Just remember to review your NYSTCE study guide thoroughly and use the exam day strategies I gave you. All the best!

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