Why Chicken Houses Are So Vital

By: Henry J Jenkins

Every animal has a home of some type. Our egg-laying friends have chicken houses that they can call home. These simple structures are designed in such a way that the birds are not only safe, but they are also kept warm. These two things help the birds have longer and healthier lives. Whether your birds are pets or sources of food, you still want to keep them healthy. No matter what, when you keep chickens you need a place for them to live, and that is why there are chicken houses available.

Chickens can be thoroughly delightful animals. However, they are not known for being overly strong. Nor are they known for their excellent flying skills. They are known for being squat, plump, and a bit slow. These qualities make them prime material for the vast amounts of predators that are willing to be around human beings. These predators take a few different forms, and are more than willing to go after your birds at any time. Chicken houses offer your birds the protection that nature did not give them.

During the day, while your feathered egg-layers are wondering around looking for food, they are prime targets for any aerial predator. These killers include hawks and falcons. Both of these animals come in sizes that are more than capable of taking down a chicken. While your birds cannot be in the chicken houses while they are feeding, they can still have a secure place to retreat to when danger threatens. Many times, there are enclosed runs attached to the coops that will allow your birds to feed in peace.

Aerial attacks are not the only dangers that nature poses to your chickens. Danger can come to your chickens on four feet during the day and in the evening. Some of the more common four-footed predators are foxes, dogs, and cats. This is why chicken houses with attached runs are even better for the birds than letting your birds run free. Even with an attached run, you will still need a very sturdy coop so that your chickens have a secure place in the evenings.

Aside from keeping your birds' safe, chicken houses also play an important part in keeping your birds healthy. While chickens are hardier birds than indoor pets, they still need a place to get out of the elements when the weather turns nasty. Quality hutches are built to withstand most types of weather. Therefore, when it is raining hard or hailing your birds have a nice dry place to go. This prevents them from catching a chill, which often ends with them being ill.

If you are planning to raise chickens as pets or as a food source, you will need to give them a place to live. Chicken houses are almost as vital as food and fresh water when it comes to what your birds need. You will want the best chicken houses that you are capable of buying or building to help make sure that you have a healthy flock.