My Ex Is Back Today

Wining back the ex, is not a game, it is serious business. Everyone who ever has been in love before and lost the love to the person they loved most in the world will know how it feels; "How do I win my ex back? How do I get my girlfriend back?"

A lost love will only be restored if there is a willingness from both partners to work it out. Often the communication has not been very well, and a gap has grown between the partners. Or one has made some huge mistakes, off which he/she is sorry but can't relay their message to the other person.

In order to win the other person over to love again, we need to look at the basics first. How did we conquer the other person in the first place? And what have we lost in the meantime.

A relationship is actually a working relationship, it needs maintenance and to be worked on almost every day.

Sex, moods, work are often the problems that have arisen between the partners. Try to find the same level again, and if there is future, then you will be able to work it out with your ex or girlfriend. But it needs an involvement of both of you.

Basic Techniques Of Conquering

Grab back to the initial techniques you have used to conquer the other person. If they were sensitive to them then, they will be sensitive to them now.

Sweet emails, loving SMS, a lovely note on the table or in their bag, or just a call to say you love them, could do wonders.

If you never really have been much of a matador in the love field, don't worry because you are not alone. There are plenty of dating courses to be followed online, or offline. During a online dating course you will learn the basics of love communication and body language again. A course like this could be real fun to win your ex back.

Read Some Books

If a dating course would be too intrusive for you read a book about dating and winning and getting your girlfriend back. Some great literature has been written about the subject. Most courses and books will leave you with some hands-on advice and exercises.

Finding love advice is not difficult, but be aware who you take it from, as friends and family might not be your best advisors.

Relationship counseling could be an option to win your ex back too. Counselors charge for their services but will deliver results.

Fix The relationship

"How to fix the relationship?" is a great question, but it also depends on the relationship. Was it a summer love, a long lasting relationship or a marriage of ten years? Every relationship is different, and taking some advice from a dating or relationship expert is a clever thing to do.

Optimize the communication, is a great way to win your ex back, start with the basics of courting, and you will see if he/she is still interested to make it work. Winning your ex back should be a fun experience.