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How To Get Over A Breakup With Your Boyfriend

By: Raymond Ehoma

The truth is that some relationships are better broken up. However, when a beautiful relationship between you and your boyfriend comes to an end it can make you become very sad. And this is true whether you were the one who ended it or your boyfriend decided to end it.

Easing the pain you are going through at this point in your breakup will be a lot less if you can avoid many mistakes a lot of ladies do after breaking up with their ex boyfriends. Avoiding these mistakes will help you to drastically cut down on the recovery time and to also heal quicker from the breakup pain.

Firstly, let us look at some of the things you must not do as doing them would simply make the other positive suggestions look like medicine after death. You really have to avoid them like the plague while trying to ease the pain of breaking up with your ex boyfriend.

One of the most common mistake ladies make after breaking up with their boyfriends is that they too quickly try begging him to accept them back. Equally is the temptation to start over eating thus gaining more weight and then there is the tendency of resorting to the use of alcohol to temporarily ease (but in effect worsening) the pain of the breakup.

You might also be inclined to getting involved in a new relationship soon after a breakup. This is an absolute NO for you at this stage especially when you still have strong feelings for your ex and it also does neither you nor your new guy any good. As long as you are still strung onto your ex, you will only end up short-changing both yourself and your new lover as you have virtually nothing to bring to the table. That would be totally unfair of you.

The first positive suggestion here will be quite basic but nonetheless an important one - you need to come to terms with the breakup. It happened and there is nothing you can do about it except of course you could turn back the hands of times - it's behind you, period.

Secondly, there is the need for you to also summon the courage to forgive you ex, and let go of the grief and disappointment in your heart over the breakup with him. Forgiveness whether you were the one that broke up the relationship or simply for him breaking up with you. Forgiveness in itself is perhaps one of the most important aspect of this healing process as it opens your heart to truly love again and that might be for your ex boyfriend or a new guy altogether.

The next thing you need to do is to focus on being you. The real you! Awaken that inner you by doing those things that you've always wanted to or get involved in new ones that will help occupy your time so that you have little or no time to think about your ex.

Be more positive in all that you do from now and remember that not only time can truly heal you from the pains of this breakup but you can equally improve yourself to either become more attractive to your ex (if you do decide to get back together with him) or open to give your heart to someone new.

The breakup between you and your ex boyfriend isn't the end of the world. You have within you the power and ability to surmount this seemingly impossible situation and come to discover a totally new and exciting you.

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