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Led Lights For Cars Have Come A Long Way

By: David Passarelliie

LEDs or Light Emitting Diodes have been used in automobile applications widely since 2004. They have undergone considerable development over the previous few years. Car LED headlamps were first used in a Lexus car model as recently as 2008.

Previously, filament bulbs were generally used as the high beam headlights and the turn signal lights. The LEDs were used to make the low beam lights placed in the front and also the side marker functions. It was in 2009 that the Hella headlamps were used on a Cadillac car model, to be designated as the first USA car which has the unique characteristic of having all their headlamps being made from LEDs. With further advancement in technology, LED headlamps will evolve much more

It is highly expected that at some point of time in the future, LEDs will become so popular that they will overcome conventional HID headlamps.

Today, the main drawback of car LED lamps is principally the high cost. Other negative factors in the establishment of car LED lamps are regulatory delays, as well as some technical niches related to the operating protocol of car LED system.

The LEDs, which are used generally in electronic control systems, are usually machines, which have a low output, meaning that they emit lesser heat energy. But LEDs emit considerably large amount of heat per light output unit. As opposed to filament bulbs, the heat of LEDs is produced near the back of the emitters.

The LEDs however get damaged when exposed to high temperature. When operation takes place for a longer time in higher temperature then the temperature at the junction car LEDs might get damaged permanently. Heat sinks should be installed so that the junction temperature is under control. As a result costs of installation will increase.

LED lamps pose a major problem in very cold temperatures, as heat needs to be given to thaw the snow accumulated on the lenses. And car LED lamps produce heat from the rear, not front.

LEDs are often used in signal functions including brake lights, turning signal lights and parking lights.

Nowadays, the trend is to have your own custom car, with your own alterations. It makes the car owner feel special. LED is one such modification, which helps to make a car stand out a mile from the rest. The lighting of a car itself can make a car look totally different.

ULX 330, a great lighting system attracts its viewer's attention through its entertaining that can also perform the functions of selectable scanning, strobing and breathing options. A remote outside the car can also operate these functions. Its features and look can catapult its crowd density.

The SL 210 is a successful modification with an assembling of four piece suspension lights. The suspension lights are available in major colors like blue, green, white, red and orange. The brightness can also be controlled. Your audio system also gets lively with its application.

The entire system is completely waterproof and built to last for a long time. It delivers an impressive effect with attractive rims. A very common use of the car LEDs is to attach a scanner to it to detect thieves.

LEDs can also be installed within its Hyper LED kit inside the car These are designed to be installed in tight places. When installed at the car's A.C vent, they look attractive.

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