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Fight The Battle With Stormproof Car Cover

By: Basya Katz

Coverking is the manufacturing company of the famous car cover - Stormproof. The company is world renowned for their excellence when it comes to producing covers for any sort of vehicle. They are truly the king of all covers. They expertise lies in the many years of experience. They have been researching fabric for covers for over 10 years.

The research on fabrics is done so that Coverking can provide the maximum protection for cars. The have a wide selection of covers for cars of various shapes and sizes, and different climates. Since people live across the globe, with the many different climates and environmental weather difference, one type of car cover will not be good for all. People need different covers that will specialise in protecting their car, in their climate. Thus there are covers that are explicitly for hot climates and are experts in resistance to ultra violet rays. And then there is Stormproof.

Stormproof is the cover that is able to protect cars in every type of weather condition, and will brave all types of storms. The fabric used for the Stormproof cover has been custom made for Coverking. It is woven in a unique manner that ensures that it is naturally resistant to all types of weather conditions. Being as the resistance is natural, it will not fade will time and use, thereby making the cover extremely durable, and everlasting.

The Stormproof fabric is breathable, allowing air and moisture out through the material, but not in. This gives the cars a chance to breath and sweat, without getting steamed up whilst covers. Simultaneously, the car remains bone dry, as the cover shields it from any sort of liquid, rain, sleet and snow.

Stormproof is also kited out to protect the car from the powerful sun's rays. The damaging ultra violet rays is denied access from filtering through to the car beneath.

Since the car is covered over, it will not get stained by the various natural nuisances such as dust and dirt, tree sap, and birds muck. These are known to leave deadly stains that are near impossible to remove, and require extensive work to do so.

Coverking are committed to full customer satisfaction. All their covers, Stormproof included, are custom made. This means that each cover is made to fit each and every car - they are tailor made. The customer can choose the design and colour he wants, and can even personalise it with a logo on the bonnet. Custom car covers provide a much more sleek and stylish look, and demand attention from all those that pass by.

Another impressive part of Coverking's design is that they will make their covers with as few seams as possible. The cover is therefore much stronger, and there is less chance of seam leakages and rips. Of course the fewer seams just adds even more to the sleekness of the cover.

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