Vital Steps You Must Know To Make Your Ex Want You Back

Many people who have just came out from the ravaging effects of a breakup with their partner will exclaim at sometime or another (usually after the cathartic effects of alcohol have set in) their intention to make your ex want you back. With all the fervent passion and deluded self-belief that only the truly desperate or optimistic can muster, they then proceed to regale us all with a firebrand sermon of the best way to make your ex want you back.

Dear reader, before you consider this issue any further, it is vital that you actually consider WHY you want to make your ex want you back. Do you hope that the relationship can grow and mature, that the problems that inhibited and stunted its progress have now passed? Or is this some sort of convoluted and Machiavellian ploy on your part to try and exact some sort of revenge upon your partner?

Sadly, some people do actively seek to learn how to make your ex want you back for entirely selfish and spiteful reasons. In effect, they will bide their time until their ex drops their guard, becomes emotionally labile and then, when they are at their most vulnerable, reject them in the most cruel manner possible for maximum damage.

Hopefully, you are reading this article because you want to make your ex want you back for good and pure reasons, rather than the wrong ones. With that in mind then, I shall take you on your honor and provide you with the details to help you win your ex back.

Make them fall in love with you (again)

A car that has a full tank of gas cannot ever hope to move forward unless the driver turns on the ignition and puts their foot down on the gas pedal. In much the same way, a couple who have drifted apart from one another and who are now estranged, will never make any progress with the relationship unless at least one of them makes the first move.

Therefore, you will need to spend time with your ex, and during the time you spend together, make them realize that you are a wonderful, genuine, caring and committed person who they actually want to spend time with.

Some people assume that in order to do this properly, they will need to engage in some sort of over the top, overly dramatic and flamboyant romantic gesture to win the love of their ex back. In reality, slow and steady results which are genuine and sincere will have far better results in the long term.

What is one of the best ways to make your ex fall in love with you (again)? By supporting them and letting them come to realize that they can trust in you. With that in mind then, if they need some support and advice, be there to provide it. If they need money to bail them out of a loan, provide it.

Do these favors without strings attached, and you WILL be rewarded in due time.