Basement Waterproofing And How Your Health Can Suffer

Many people consider basement waterproofing to be important only if they have to haul a shop-vac down stairs to suck up the few inches of water from last nights storm. Of course this is a huge inconvenience but more importantly you may be leaving your families health wide open to some very nasty illnesses.

Look you wouldn't leave your front door wide open at night while you were sleeping would you? Someone could slip in your home pilfer your valuables, damage your property, or worse harm your family. So your probably thinking that I would never do such a a thing!

Unfortunately if you have water entering your basement because of poor waterproofing your basically leaving your front door wide open 24 hours a day. Just as a would be burger water too can cause just as much if not more damage then any human could.

Basement waterproofing of course protects the most important part of your home, the foundation. You see water will infiltrate any opening it can and after it's in will begin slowly steeling your valuables, damaging your property, even launching an air-born attack on your families health.

The water will begin to break down the foundation that your home sites on, making room for a larger infiltration of water. Many times this appears as cracks in your foundation. The cracks can run along the mortar joints in a horizontal pattern, or rise from the floor to the ceiling following the motor joints in a "step pattern"

These patterns are tell-tail signs of what may be wrong with your basement waterproofing. Cracks can also form on the floor and water can actually rise up through these cracks causing the floor to heave and buckle even further. in order to properly diagnose the problem an on site inspection would need to be preformed. But some of the causes of these visual signs can be:

  • extreme hydrostatic pressure,
  • failing cracked footers
  • even the pressures put on the foundation by the freeze and thaw of the ground on a yearly basis.

Each of these have solutions to properly correct the issue but the most frighting problem that you don't see the the dangerous mold that can develop in your home. Typically this mold grows in cool damp corners or cracks. But it doesn't only stay in those cracks. Just as all plants the mold releases spores into the air where your heating system then sucks them up and blows them through your home.

You generally can tell if you have a basement waterproofing problem when you first walk into your home. If the air smells moldy, or has any odors to it that smell moldy or plant like,then the chances are very good that you do have water seeping into your basement.

These mold spores can cause

  • headaches
  • runny noises
  • red watery eyes
  • sneezing and can lead to further health problems like Asthma

Certain types of mold have even been linked to a cause of death

As you can see basement waterproofing may very well be one of the most important decisions you can make to protect your family. Contacting one of the largest and most experienced companies in the country for your free basement waterproofing evaluation is the first step in protecting, your home, your family, and your health.