You Can Lay Floor Tile Yourself

By: Kevin D Ferrara

Who is the best floor tile installer in your area for your new tile floor? Don't jump to conclusions. Being in the tile and grout restoration business gives us a unique perspective as we see all kinds of tile projects. I feel confident I can tell you who the best floor tile installer is in your area and I don't even know where you live. Chances are the best floor tile installer for your home is you, the home owner. It isn't difficult if you have some patients and a willingness to learn. First get exact measurements of the area you wish to tile. After you have looked at various types, styles and colors narrow your picks down to three. Get a second opinion and then pick one. With the tile size you can easily determine how many tiles to purchase. Round up in your figuring. Get yourself some step by step directions, give yourself about 5 minutes per tile as an amateur and get started. I have heard good things and bad things about all the tile installers in my area. The ones I have the highest respect for, the very best, still make mistakes or have bad days. If you the homeowner take on the project from start to finish you will experience a sense of pride and save a few dollars at the same time. A few minor mistakes are totally acceptable and much easier to ignore when you do the work yourself. For example, a few grout lines not straight or a tile or two sitting a little high are common for a newbie. Enjoy your new floor anyway. Those little imperfections add character to the job. Don't sweat the small stuff just brag about your successful project.

I won't bother with the step by step stuff but I do hope to encourage you to be a do it your self-person. If you just do an internet how to search and you will find a variety of step by step instructions on tiling. If you can follow basic instructions use some basic tools not afraid of a little tedious work then you can be the best floor tile installer for your home. You will gain a sense of pride in learning and completing the project. It will give you a lot more satisfaction.

Look at it this way. How bad can you screw it up? It is still just tile. You will waste some tile through the learning curve of cutting tile but it won't amount to much compared to the cost of having someone else do it. You might waste some valuable time but you will better understand your own limitations. If you get overwhelmed or find you don't have the time, you can still have the contractor come in. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

It's not rocket science. You can do it!