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Common Signs Of Autism

By: Maxine Wagner

Some children will show certain signs as early as infant age but others may not show signs of Autism this soon. It may appear later on when they should be walking, talking, or learning. When things don't seem just right, you may take them to the doctor only to discover that they have been diagnosed with Autism. Before that happens, learn the signs so you will know.


One of the first things parents teach their child is to recognize their name. You may call him or her to get their attention and at first they won't pay any attention to you but it is a learned habit meaning the more that you do it they eventually learn it. However, when a child suffers from Autism they will not respond when you call their name even after a certain age. A child with Autism may not be able to make little to no eye contact, seem as though they cannot hear you sometimes, doesn't want to be cuddled or held, doesn't sympathize with other peoples feelings, and prefers to play alone.

Communicating Verbally

When a child has Autism they cannot communicate verbally as well as other children their age. You may want to take your child to the doctor if you notice any of these symptoms.

Behavior is also a concern for parents with children of Autism. That is because behavior seems like it cannot be controlled. Some behavioral signs of Autism include:

It's hard to share experiences with a child who suffers from signs of Autism. As a child matures, some will become more socialized with others while other children may show worse symptoms. Some may need continual help for the rest of their lives while others may function on their own and able to control their situation, communication, and behavior.

Children who have Autism are very intelligent. They learn things rapidly but they cannot communicate with is how most people learn, discuss, or argue. They will not do these things. Although children learn things at their own pace, you should see a doctor when you begin to worry or have doubts. Sometimes talking to your doctor will ease your worry or it will verify what you have been worrying about. If your child is diagnosed with Autism, it is best to start treatment as early as possible. Your doctor will discuss all the options. Today there are many ways to handle Autism in children. Be sure to find a support group for yourself as well. You can become inspired and feel better about this disorder with others who are going through it as well.

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