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Are Symptoms Of Autism Different From Adhd?

By: Maxine Wagner

Autism is affecting more children today and doctors still do not know exactly what might be causing this disorder. Some of the symptoms of Autism can vary and may resemble other types of disorders out there and this could possibly lead to misdiagnoses. Learning the symptoms now will help you better understand how Autism works.

Every person diagnosed with Autism doesn't have all the same symptoms. That is why it is difficult to sometimes diagnose. Every person acts differently. You may see one person who is bright, seems controlled, and can carry on with every day tasks. Others may be withdrawn, doesn't like to talk to others, and prefers to be on his or her own instead. The main symptom that every person diagnosed with Autism does share is the disabilities, delays, or challenges that involve socialization.

Diagnosing Autism

As mentioned before, Autism is not easy to diagnose. That is why doctors follow a certain type of manual that helps them to diagnose this disorder.

Social Interaction

A child may use nonverbal behavior that would include any body postures, gestures, facial expression, or just staring into your eyes while you talk to them. This is a way that they regulate how they socialize with others. A child may not develop relationships with their peers at the right developmental level. A child may not show any interest in sharing achievements, enjoyment, or interest. Instead, they keep to themselves as though they do not want any attention at all. They may not reciprocate emotions or social interaction.


When a child doesn't communicate, most parents take this as a sign that something could be wrong. You may overlook socialization hesitation but communication is a definite warning sign. A child may not speak, or is delayed in speaking when they are young. When spoken to, a child may not keep the conversation going with clear answers. He or she will try to avoid conversations with anyone. A child may use repetitive language or vocabulary. They may not play make-believe or be creative at the developmental level.


When it comes to behavior, there are certain times when a parent wonders if something is wrong with their child or is it normal behavior. When trying to diagnose Autism, a child may display one or more of these symptoms.

The child may seem preoccupied with patterns or focus on abnormal things. They may repeat the same routines day in and day out instead of changing anything. They may flap their hands, twist their hands, or move their body in the same way. They may pay excessively preoccupied with parts of an object.

Before the age of three, if your child is showing some type of socialization delay, trouble with basic language skills, or they do not use their imaginations with play you may want to discuss this with your doctor. Sometimes a child may need a little more time to develop and that is okay. At least your doctor is aware of the situation and if things do not change you can go back for further testing.

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