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Heel Pain Tips

By: Abid Hussain

Heel pain can affect anyone at anytime and usually is source of great discomfort. Heel pain can be felt all the way up to the knee and hips sometimes affecting movement for the individual afflicted. For this reason it is a good idea to make certain that heel pain is treated and your feet and legs remain free from pain. Should you already be experiencing heel pain here are some tips that may help relieving symptoms to get you back on your feet again.

Doing stretching exercises which help stretch the plantar fascia will help reduce the pain and discomfort from the nerve. Try stretching the back of your leg on a stair or massaging the bottom of the foot with the use of a can or smooth bottle. These usually provide relief from the pain and help ease the discomfort felt.

Rest can always help the condition as well as reducing strenuous activity. To fully heal your feet will need some time to recuperate and this is especially relevant to people who are always on their feet or those who exercise vigorously. For those people a period of rest and recuperation for the feet in between periods of activity will be most beneficial.

Doing an ice pack massage twice a day on the arch at the bottom of the foot can soothe the nerve. This can help bring down any inflammation and reduce any resulting pain. This simple home treatment has been used effectively by many sports professionals all over the world to provide adequate relief from the pain and stress they fell in their feet.

Wearing the right shoes with the correct inserts are designed to help support your body and its weight throughout the day. Good supportive shoes will ease any heel pain and your doctor will have some good advice on which is the best for your foot type.

Anti inflammatory medication is an option should the other solutions fail. These anti inflammatory medicines bring down the inflammation and reduce pain. This however should only be considered as at last resort when other options fail as some of this medication is addictive and cause other complications.

These tips will help you continue with your daily activities by minimizing the impact felt from heel pain whilst relieving the symptoms. Generally relieving the pressure and stress on the foot and heel is beneficial and as such weight reduction will also help should you be overweight.

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