The Art Of Floor Sanding

By: James Copper

It is hard to live in a home where the hardwood floors are becoming cracked, warped and clearly need some repair. However, with a few simple tools and other important items, that damaged surface can look brand new again. Floor sanding, if done correctly can not only make a bad hardwood look so much better, but improve a home's overall value as well. The best part about this whole procedure is just about anybody can do it as long as they have the right equipment on them. Items like a floor sander, latex wood floor filler, vacuum, flooring edger and a sanding paper must be at the top of the list.

The first step to renewing those floors is to mix a half gallon of latex wood floor filler and water into a bucket, then mix it until it is stiff like honey. This material will be used to fill in all the cracks and other openings that will appear throughout the work. Next will be to dump the mixture onto the surface and spread it out using rubber grouting float, this can be dumped over the old finish with no problem. Make sure to spread the mixture using wide, sweeping motions until the entire surface is completely covered.

The floor sander will come into play next as it will be used to smoothen the flooring, this will be done by moving it against the grain of the floor. The best way to complete this task is to start at the centre and do half the area first, and then do the other half next. Grab the vacuum cleaner next and vacuum up all of the dirt, dust and just about anything else that can be sucked up. After that step is done, just repeat the floor sanding and vacuuming up one more time and then the job is almost complete.

The final step is to grab some sanding paper so that a person can manually go over any scratches and other blemishes that were previously missed. After all the work is done and tools are put away, just sit back to take a look at a properly executed job. This task can definitely become a challenging one, but with proper instruction and a good amount of time, it can be done right. All it takes is a few steps and a once cruddy hardwood surface can be restored with some top notch floor sanding.