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Nclex Review Class: How To Find The Right One For You?

By: Ken H Gibson

NCLEX Review classes can be a great help for you if you're planning on taking the RN test. They make studying easier. They plan and structure your NCLEX review classes. Plus, they give you loads of NCLEX study tips.

These reasons drive most test-takers to attend NCSBN NCLEX-RN review classes. However, you have to know that these NCLEX classes don't necessarily work for everyone.

Fitting in isn't reason enough to enrol in review classes. There are other factors you have to consider JUST to make sure that NCLEX preparation classes are perfect for your learning needs.

If you don't know how to find a quality NCLEX preparation class, you might just end up wasting your time and money. So here are some pointers on how to make sure that you're in the correct NCLEX review class.

NCLEX Review Classes Should Have...

1. An Integrated Content. Unlike past exams created by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, current exam trends have an integrated content. That is, the exam is no longer sectioned into Medical, Surgical, Obstetric or Psychiatric. If their NCLEX study plan is still centered on the old method, it will not work.

2. Testing Strategies In Answering NCLEX Study Questions. When taking the NCLEX test, "knowing" -isn't enough. You have to know HOW to answer questions in order to arrive at the correct answer. Sometimes, even when you've mastered the topics but don't know what the question is asking for, you'll still fail.

3. Positive Feedback From Former Students. If it's a good NCLEX preparation class, people are bound to talk about it. So, ask around. Find out where other test-takers got a satisfactory NCSBN NCLEX-RN review class.

4. A Guarantee. That guarantee has to be put down in writing. Find out what happens when you fail or if they're going to give your money back.

5. A Suitable HESI Study Guide. Their plan must appeal to your learning needs. Ask yourself; are you comfortable with how they structured your study schedule? Does the schedule work for you?

6. A Justifiable Cost. Never pay more than what you need. If you think their getting more money than what they're offering, don't fall for it. I know you're willing to pay any amount just to pass. But, make sure you're money is going to the right place.

And finally, find NCLEX preparation classes that are fun. When you're having fun, your RN study won't feel heavy or too cumbersome. The best review class will make learning effortless.

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