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A Brief History Of The Classic Porsche 911

By: Gregory Greene

The Porsche 911 has always been up there with the best when it comes to ferociously fast, 2-door sports coupe. Over the years while the exquisite styling has remained, the engine and interior have adapted and transformed into the digital age. Here is a quick look at how the car has become such a success.

The first 911 was built back in 1963, it was aimed to be more powerful, bigger and more comfortable than the Porsche 356. The layout was revolutionary, with a new air-cooled engine in the back instead of the front of the car. Three years later saw the introduction of the "911S". The engines power was booted from 128bhp to 160bhp, together with adding a rear spoiler for extra grip. This was also the first model where the infamous 5 spoke alloy wheels were made available, a design that would become a symbol of the 911 legacy. The 911ST was produced for racing, with a 2.4 litre engine producing 8000rpm. These vehicles exploded out of the blocks, and experienced success at the Daytona 6 hours, the Sebring 12 hours and the 1000km Nrburgring races.

As Porsche tweaked the car with modifications and changes, many other models were born along the way. The most significant of these were the Carrera RS (racing sport), considered to be the greatest collector's item of all the 911 fleet. Born in 1973, the model was more an even more explosive version of the 911S, governed by its larger 2.7 litre engine that developed 210bhp. A revamped stronger spoiler was fitted, along with larger brakes and larger wheels.

1974 saw the introduction of the 911 turbo. The original models did have their problems, while it had incredible acceleration, the company needed to quickly address the difficult handling and severe turbo lag. The turbo legacy lasted for 15 years, with the last being solitary model to acquire an impressive five-speed gearbox.

As the original script was changed one final time in 1983 when the 3.2 Carrera was launched. The most powerful model could do the 0-60 test in 5.7 seconds with top out at a speed of 150 mph. this was down to the new 3.2 engine featuring higher domed pistons to significantly increase the engine ratio.

The success of the classic 911 was marked with two special models, the 'Commemorative Edition' model in 1988 and the Anniversary Edition; marking the production of 250,000 Porsche 911 and the models' 25th birthday respectively.

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