Foot Pain - Different Causes And Symptoms Parted Into A Common Problem

Foot pain is a very common problem to many people at some point in their lives. The pain can affect any part of your foot and can be a great nuisance. The pain can be mild or extremely serious especially if it is as a result of injury or some chronic conditions. Mild foot pains can be treated at home but in a serious one, it is imperative to seek medical attention because if left untreated, the pain can lead to permanent damage or even disability. Most pain is caused by ill fitting shoes that force the feet to stay in unnatural shapes. Another cause of this kind of pain is high impact exercise.

The pain can start from toes, forefoot or hind foot. The reason why pain can begin at the toes is mostly because of shoes that do not fit you properly. Shoes that do not fit properly are a regular cause of pain. High heeled shoes especially concentrate pressure on the toes and can cause or aggravate toe problems. In some cases people who experience this kind of pain could be as a result of medical conditions that cause disturbance in the way a person walks. Such conditions include diabetes, leg or foot deformities, spinal problems, cerebral palsy among others. High impact exercises such as strenuous aerobics or jogging can cause injury to the foot and other parts of the leg.

Trauma whether acute or repeated on the foot is a great cause of foot pain. The trauma is usually as a result of forces outside of the body either directly impacting the body or forcing the body into a position where a single or many forces result in damage of the body structure. Poor biomechanical bone alignment also causes pain in the foot. Tying shoes very tightly can also lead to the pain or even bruising at the top of the foot. Tendon injury known as Achilles tendonitis is also a cause of pain in feet. An ill fitting shoe not only leads to foot pain but also blisters, calluses and bruising in the short term. Long term effects could be corns, bunions and joint and nerve irritation.

Fungi and bacteria can also contribute to pain in the foot. Diseases like Hansen disease and gout are also common factors contributing to pain conditions. Nerve disorders can cause a burning sensation or numbness. Another common cause foot pain is ingrown toenails. To prevent the pain it is advisable to wear shoes that are well cushioned and have a flexible area at the ball of the foot.

To get a well fitting shoe it is advisable to buy a pair in the afternoon or after a long walk. For severe conditions physicians and podiatrists may recommend orthotics or orthoses. These are insoles which are specially modeled from plaster cast of the patient's foot. They come in three categories: rigid, soft or semi-rigid. It is advisable to consider over the counter insoles before seeking prescription orthotics. Orthopaedic footwear is also good in treating foot pain.