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What Are Some Mild Autism Treatments?

By: Gail Lynn

The symptoms of mild autism are far less severe than those associated with more severe forms of this condition. Unfortunately, this will often result in many children being undiagnosed for several years, and the treatment process being delayed. In many cases of children having mild autism, if they perform a sequence of different therapies and treatments they can recover.

Individuals with a mild form of autism will often develop very well and have a normal speaking ability. Regular therapy at a young age can have incredible results, and can help to cure the child of all signs of autism. Treatments will typically fall into two different categories, and will need to be tailor made to the individual child.

Every single autism case is unique; therefore, the child will need to be assessed before treatment should begin. Both educational and medical treatments can be successful, depending on the child and how mild the autism symptoms are. Although drugs are diagnosed for some forms of autism, many people prefer to use other methods and treatments. Speech therapy, physical therapy and animal assisted therapy, are all extremely popular.

Speech therapy is one of the most common treatments available and many children with mild autism will need to perform this. Children with mild autism will often develop their speech differently, and their necessary communication skills may be lacking. Therefore, spending the time to re-educate the child and encourage them to speak appropriately is essential. If the child is struggling to communicate correctly, other methods such as picture exchange may be used.

Animal assisted therapy is becoming a very effective form of treatment for mild autism sufferers and can be highly effective with children. The daily routine that is needed with animals can help children come to terms and deal with their autism. The daily interaction with an animal can have remarkable healing and therapeutic benefits. Feelings of loneliness and stress will vanish when a unique bond is formed between the child and the animal.

Massage therapy has been found to help people with developmental issues and mild forms of autism. Regular massage therapies can help to relieve stress, increase attention spans and help with the overall aversion to being touched. Many children with mild autism will not know how to show affection, and will be unsure of appropriate touching and hugging. Therefore, the massage and touch therapy can help to relax and guide them.

Music therapy is a controlled experience that can help with autism in many different ways, and help positive changes to be achieved. Through planned sessions that should be developed to suit the child, many different things can be achieved. Music is an extremely powerful tool and can be used in several different forms. This can include singing, playing instruments, listening to music and moving to the sounds.

Sensory integration is particularly beneficial especially to children who find it difficult to cope with their surroundings. Many children with autism will not adapt to the environment they are in, which can cause disruptive behavior. By teaching the children more regarding their senses and how to cope with the feelings they are experiencing, they will develop far better. By including several of the different techniques it is possible to take positive steps to curing mild autism.

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