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Get Back Your Boyfriend: Does He Want Me Back?

By: Amanda N Thomas

If your ex boyfriend is showing some interest in you, seems to want to hang out with you and your group, or is just spending more time with you than normal, maybe even trying to flirt with you, you are probably starting to get hopeful that he wants you back. At this point you are asking yourself, "does my boyfriend want me back?" Of course, you are also afraid of getting hurt, so you should be careful and not jump the gun, right?

These are very some common signs your ex boyfriend may be interested in getting you back, but if you want go to back your boyfriend, you can't just jump into things. You always hear about "playing hard to get." Well, this is a good idea, to a point at least. Rather than jumping in full force, take a step back. The reason he is showing this interest could very well be because you were "playing hard to get" without realizing it!

You do need to be careful though. Sometimes when an ex starts showing interest after a breakup it is just a game. They could be trying to get your attention, knowing that you still love them, without any plan to get back together with you. Some men have been known to show interest to pass the time until they find someone new or even just as revenge for something they think you did within the relationship. Because of this you should take some time to really read the situation before you take action.

Think hard on the situation. Does he really seem to be interested in you? Is he coming on too strong? If you guys have any mutual friends you could consider speaking to them about it. They may be able to give you a better answer based on knowing and speaking to both of you. You could also try talking to some of your own friends to see if they can give you a good opinion from an outside point of view.

If you think he may be interested and you want to get back your boyfriend, you can do it though! Just tread carefully and think logically rather than with your emotions. Remember, emotions play tricks on you! What your emotions are pulling you to do could be the exact opposite of what you need to do if you want to win him back.

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