Invest In Real Estate The Smart Way

By: Manu Smriti Sharma

Many people think of real estate as a gamble, but a necessary thing to do in India. People usually turn towards real estate agents and agencies like landlord India who will help you in your endeavors to find a perfect home of your dreams! But ultimately, it is you who has to shell out the necessary money and make a smart decision. For most of us, house is an investment for the long run and it is the single most important and large investment of our lifetime! Investing in such a big area is a risky factor and calls for lot of thinking and decision-making process. In fact, house buying in India is also an emotional aspect! Hence it needs to be done with utmost care and precaution. Here are some pointers which will help you in making smart and wise decisions:

- Majority of the ground work needs to be done by the person himself. Gather as much information about the location, market conditions etc as possible

- Make the decision based on returns, rentals, your income, future prospects etc especially if you are buying a house. You need to think of future possibilities also

- Keep an eye on BSE realty index and other such indices

- Talk to as many people as possible - but remember more the people, more the opinions. Ultimately, it is you who has to decide!

- Beware of recent market crashes - keep all options open and have a plan B

- Use expert opinions and past trends to calculate return on investment for that house

- Always keep a margin of safety

One of the main advantages of investing in real estate in India is diversification value. Other advantages are yield enhancement, continuous inflationary trends, ability to influence performance etc. you can paint the house, re decorate it, fix all problems and hike up the value considerably. The owner plays an important role in contributing towards the value of the house!

You can also think of investing in smaller apartments or duplexes and condominiums. They are comparatively smaller in terms of financial investment and return on investment is usually good! At the same time, pride of ownership is also there.

It totally depends on your knowledge and vision as to how you play with market trends and convert them into money for you! Beware and make sound investments.

For most of us, house investment is the single most important and big investment of our life! Hence we want the maximum returns on it. Here are some tips to make a smart investment decision.