Why You Should Waterproof Your Unfinished Basement

Family Health And Safety Comes First

What takes precedence over a home's resell value is the health of the family that resides in it. This health is not assured if mold is present. Mold is a fungus, and it loves to grow on the clammy, wet walls of basements all across the country. There are many different kinds of mold, and none of them are pleasant. Molds of all varieties release spores into the air, and people and pets breathe these spores in. Allergic reactions occur, as well as illness and even severe respiratory problems. In fact, some types of mold spores create such a serious reaction in folks that the house must be vacated and the mold removed before they can move back in.

What To Do With A Damp Basement

The best course of action for any family that discovers they have a damp basement is to have the entire room waterproofed. Professionals can arrive at the home, remove the mold that is present and prevent it from reoccurring. This especially needs to be done if there are small children in a home, or anyone with a compromised immune system.

If a family is getting ready to purchase a new home, the basement should be inspected for mold growth. This is done by hiring a professional who will come in and test for the different types of mold that are most common in that region. A professional can also waterproof the basement so that the family can be free of concern. Some companies even offer a checklist for families to look at to help them prevent mold growth in the future.

The High Cost Of Natural Disasters

Sometimes homeowners think they do not have to worry about mold or a wet basement because their house sits on elevated terrain. However, a check of the news will tell you how powerful a natural disaster can be. Hurricanes and even severe thunderstorms can cause a basement to flood, which then makes it susceptible to mold. Tornadoes can cause dams to burst, and the flash flooding that occurs when this happens can make the driest basement into a wet and mold-producing room. This is why homeowners who live in homes that do not normally experience flooding should still consider basement waterproofing.

Sell Your House With A Good Conscience

Most people would not willingly sell a home that could be dangerous to its new inhabitants, especially when there are children involved. That is why many homeowners who are preparing to put their house on the market get the wet basement taken care of first. Doing so makes it easier to hand over the keys to the new owners, and a family can rest easy knowing that basement waterproofing was done correctly.