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All Available Treatment Options Of Autism

By: Kevin Halls

How dreadful it would be if we couldn't be able to speak out our feelings and thought? That's what 'autism' does to you. Under the influence of this terrible neurological disorder, one's mind and body stays under developed. Symptoms of this disease can be seen after first three years of a child's life. It's curable but information about it is scarce. There are several ways to cure autism as the experts believe. So, let's talk about how it can be treated.

Effects of vitamins and nutrients

Doctors have many theories for the cause of Autism. Some believe the lack of vitamins and minerals like calcium, folic acid, iron, magnesium and chromium is the reason of this disorder. Therefore it has become a common practice to prescribe multivitamin or mineral nutrient supplements to kids who are suffering from this disease. It has been proven through many tests that, treating autism patients with vitamin and nutrition shows improvement in their learning, speaking and behavioral skills.

Oral medicines

It was first known as an experimental therapy but soon it proved to be one of the most efficient therapy to cure autism. As per the doctors, it should be given thrice a day with vitamin pills as support. The statistics say, that kids treated by this therapy show change in behavior in less than 4 days. They were less irritable and more responsive than before and this therapy is affordable too.

Stem Cell Therapy

In this therapy one's own cell from bone marrow is used. Why stem cells? Well, because these cells are able to change into other cell types, they can travel faster to the damaged tissues and has the capability to merge with other cells. When injected, a stem cell travels to the damaged tissue location being attracted by the chemicals that damaged tissues release in the blood stream. Then it connects itself to the damaged tissue and transforms into the same tissue afterwards.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

This is the latest and most efficient therapy to cure autism. It is a process in which, the patient breathes pure oxygen at high atmospheric pressure. This high altitude does the trick as it forces more oxygen in one's bloodstream and accelerates healing process. A few years earlier people didn't even know its name but now, all the researches are giving the credibility to Hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

So, gone are the days to feel terrified of this disease, as we have Hyperbaric oxygen therapy by our side.

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