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Signs And Risk Factors Of Addiction

By: Arlene T Delmendo

An individual who is in a situation where he is continuously using a particular substance may be suffering from addiction. Aside from substances, addiction may also pertain to a continued behavior of a person that doesn't benefit him at all. Different kinds of neurological impairment that leads to the behaviors mentioned can also refer to addiction. Examples of addictions that people suffer are abuses of alcohol, drug, exercise, and gambling.

When a person becomes addicted to something, he would have difficulties in controlling how to use it and then they become very dependent to cope with their daily life.

There are certain situations when a particular habit of a person becomes an addiction. For comparison purposes, a habit is done by choice, or a person did a particular because he wants to. This habit can be stopped anytime a person chooses to and can be successful in avoiding it if he has the willingness to do so. Psychological and physical component would never be an issue in a habit. Addiction, meanwhile, can be controlled but there are outside forces involved with it especially since there are certain conditions already involved.

The real cause of addictions varies on a case-to-case basis which is why it is not fully understood. There are, however, general causes as to why a person gets addicted. It includes a combination of physical, mental, circumstantial, and emotional factors.

One of the signs of addiction is when a person gets very dependent to a particular substance. The substances may include drug, alcohol, and nicotine. Under substance dependence, there are a number of signs when it is already happening to a person. One is the failure to stop from using the substance despite attempts of giving up. Another one is withdrawal symptoms. If a person has attempted to get rid of his addiction, his body would react to it dramatically. When the body feels that the level of a substance dipped, a person would experience physical as well as mood-related symptoms. Some of them include moodiness, bad temper, and lack of focus, frustration, and anger.

Every individual can get addicted to something while he ages but there are certain factors that would increase dramatically the risk of suffering it. One is through genetics or family history. Any individual who has a relative that has problems in addiction have a high risk of eventually experiencing it. Two main causes for this are environmental and circumstantial factors.

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