Treating Anxiety Using Acupuncture And The Different Acupuncture Points For Anxiety

You have come across people that suffer from anxiety and they inform you that they have done everything to ensure that the disorder is treated. If you know of such a person, you should encourage them to try acupuncture. This form of treatment has been there for quite a long while and it has been used by the ancient Chinese to treat various diseases and conditions, anxiety being one of them. However, most people have a wrong perception about acupuncture as they think it is a painful procedure. This is due to the use of tiny needles that are placed on certain points in the body.

Acupuncture points for anxiety are mainly the same points that are used to treat other disorders such as panic attacks using acupuncture. It is said that these points help to balance the body's energy, 'chi'. Anxiety, as it is mainly a mental thing can be easily treated using this method as it is holistic and works for both the mind and body. Before you go for acupuncture, it is good that you understand the acupuncture process and how it works. You should know about points on your body that these acupuncture needles are going to be placed in order to treat anxiety.

Acupuncture points for anxiety

There are various points within one's body that acupuncture needles can be inserted. It is known that these points usually vary depending on disorder or disease being treated. However, there are certain areas that these needles must be inserted no matter the disorder. Therefore, in treating anxiety, below are the points these needles are inserted.

Third eye point - this is the area between your eyebrows and bridge of your nose. Only a single needle is placed in this point and pressure applied is said to relieve nervousness.

The chest is also another acupuncture point for anxiety. When you go for treatment, you will notice that needles will be placed on your chest. The area is said to have energy and can greatly be used in alleviating anxiety symptoms.

Lower arm provides another acupuncture point in treating anxiety.

Upper abdomen is another important point. Acupuncturists prefer as it is known to relieve anxiety.

While undergoing treatment for anxiety using acupuncture, there are certain symptoms one can experience such as anger and agitation among others. You will also feel a rush. Lastly, it is possible to perform an acupuncture procedure on oneself when treating anxiety. The most important thing is to know the various acupuncture points for anxiety as mentioned above as this will go a long way in helping you treat anxiety.