Why Chasing Her After A Breakup Never Works

If you've just been dumped by your girlfriend, then you are likely feeling pretty miserable about now. This has happened as long as men and women have been getting together, so you aren't alone. Of course, this doesn't help you one bit. All you want to do is to get her back. You are willing to do anything. You'd get down on your knees, and plead, beg, and promise anything.

However, this will only make matters worse. And in this article, you are going to learn why.

First, you need to understand what most women are attracted to in their men. Sure, there is a huge range of things women find attractive, but one of them is somebody who knows what he wants. Being a decision maker is incredibly attractive. Choosing your own course in life will help you out quite a bit when attracting potential girlfriends.

Why is this important after a breakup? Because if you go crawling back to her, you are doing the opposite of this. You are exhibiting the traits most despised by women. This makes you look even worse.

But don't girls like guys who admit that they are wrong? Sure, but not several months after the fact. When a girl leaves a guy, it's been building for some time. That means she's been suffering a lot of pain without you even noticing. That was the time to notice her pain and admit fault. If you do it after she leaves, you'll come across as selfish. You'll be saying you're wrong only because you are suffering, not because you feel it's the right thing to do.

She wants you to apologize when the problem happens because it shows you are being proactive, and honestly care about the relationship.

Another reason this doesn't work is that girls want a guy that leads. When you go crawling to her and beg her to come back, you are effectively telling her that you want her to control the relationship. You are asking her what you should do, not intuitively knowing what it is, and doing it without her prompting.

So what do you do? The opposite of what you think you should. If you feel like calling her, don't. If you feel like emailing her, don't. If you feel like posting to her wall, don't. This may be the hardest thing you've ever done, but it's necessary.

The only chance you've got of getting her back is to leave her alone.