Connecticut Cna Certification

Connecticut's Economy

Even if Connecticut's economy is probably not at its finest this year, one sector is outdoing all others in regards to job growth. The medical segment. The demand for CNAs is growing at a sudden velocity and shows no indicators of slowing down. Countless nurses and nursing aides are working overtime considering that there is such a shortage of trained help. That's why it's essential that a lot more CNAs enter the field in order to keep up with the ever rising demand. Just like with econonmics, the laws of supply and demand are in full effect and the CT medical field is a crucial example. This is why CNA Certification is a must!

Connecticut's CNA Requirements

Connecticut Department of Health demands that all CNAs carry out a minimum of 100 hours of recognized training. This is includes a required 50 hours of classroom study and the remaining time spent in a clinical environment under close supervision. CNA certification comes at a moderately low cost as there are a large number of opportunities for tuition assistance through both grants at a state and college level. One other interesting note, some long term care facilities will offer training at no cost to the CNA trainee if they sign a work agreement. Connecticut has 155 approved Certified Nurse Aide programs so uncovering one close by will likely be relatively easy.

CNA Certification in CT

So now you have already fulfilled all mandatory training there is only one thing left to carry out. Students are compelled to take the national Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) exam through a vendor known as Prometric. As of 2012, Prometric has seven different CNA Certification locations in Connecticut. They deliver you practice tests and online guides to help you prepare yourself to be a licensed CNA in the state of Connecticut. Please have in mind that in CT, a CNA license is required to be renewed every two years. You will also need to work at least eight paid hours so you can maintain your license. If you have a lapse in work for a little over two years in the CNA field, you will be required to get re-certified. That is why it is so significant to stay on top of your employment and not exhibit any missing links in your work history. It looks negative to a potential employer when they see holes in your employment. Not forgetting the need for you to go through the whole recertification process once again!