Act Test: What Is The Best Way To Study For The Act?

By: Mike Bius

Since the ACT test is the most important test of a high school student's academic career, it is natural for parents to want to "spare no expense" to get the best tutoring / study guides possible. However, some of what well-meaning parents do is actually COUNTER-productive.

Don't Ramp Up the Pressure!

When parents spend $2,000 on a special tutoring company to ensure that their student can get a great score on the ACT test, what they are really doing is to put the pressure on. This is not helpful for most teens. Instead of more pressure, they need reassurance that you believe in them and that they can meet their goal with just the right amount of help instead of overkill.

The Problem With Tutoring Companies

Most tutoring companies have as their main goal to make a lot of money from you, as opposed to quickly increasing your student's score. That is why they do a "pre-test" or an "evaluation" -- to justify the largest tutoring package that you can possibly afford. The reality is that, in addition to just putting more pressure on your student ("Oh no, now that mom and dad spent all this money, I had BETTER get a high score... ").

The fact is that tutoring companies will keep your student in their facility just as long as they can; as long as the student will keep coming and as long as your checkbook holds out.

The Better Solution

Instead of a tutoring company, look for an online resource like College Exam Tutor that will allow a student to study at their own pace, have a program that is video based (instead of just text-based, which can be very boring) and has a money back guarantee.