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Act Test: The Quickest Way To Increase Your Score

By: Mike Bius

Many parents come to me and ask how they can improve their student's ACT test score, but very few of them use the words "quick" or "easy." That is interesting, because as Americans, we are always looking to do things quick and easy. Yet for some reason, parents and students alike just think that everything about improving their ACT score will be hard and horrible.

The fact is, unless your score is a 25 or higher, there are several easy things that you can do that will quickly increase your score. (Increasing a score above 25 takes a lot more work for every point). Some of these may seem obvious, but others may not:

  1. Ensure that you learn time management techniques so that you answer every question, even if you have to guess
  2. Focus on mastering the Pre-Algebra and elementary Math questions - often times these are missed because you haven't studied this since freshman year. These are easy points.
  3. On the English test, learn all the rules for using the comma. If you know when to use a comma versus a colon or semicolon, you are going to pick up a lot of questions and save a lot of time on the test.
  4. If you are a slow reader and can't make it through all four passages in the Reading portion of the test, consider picking out one passage to skip (and just guess on those 10 questions) and save more time to do better on the other three. You will not score above a 26 with this method, but it is a good option for someone struggling to get higher than a 20.

There are a lot of other ways that you can improve your ACT score without spending dozens of hours hunched over textbooks. The best ACT study course solution is one that is quick (under 10 hours), video-based and economical.

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